Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (range) $175,000 - $275,000
 Annual Dues
 # Nights 15 - 30
 Refund Basis non-refundable
 # of homes 350+
 # of locations 75+
 Average Value $4m
 Number members 4,000
 Founded 2002


If you're seriously considering joining Exclusive Resorts then download "Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members". The free Guide will give you an in-depth view of the different clubs, including their homes, services and questions to consider prior to joining. It will help you compare Exclusive Resorts to all the other destination clubs. We do ask you to register to download this Guide, but you'll find it puts everything in one place and has been widely praised over the years we've published it.



Founded in 2002, Exclusive Resorts remains one of the leading brands within the destination club space. The Club’s business model, world-class management team, and once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences have cemented Exclusive Resorts’ reputation as an innovator in the industry. Since its inception, the Club has purchased hundreds of millions in real estate — going from just dozens of Members to thousands of Members, from dozens of homes to hundreds of homes, and from a startup to a significant company with $100+ million in annual dues revenue.

The Club’s Vacation Collection provides a wide choice of vacation homes and Once in a Lifetime experiences and trips. The Residence Collection features more than 350 multimillion-dollar homes in over 75 locations worldwide. Their carefully selected Experience Collection provides access to 50+ unique adventures, expiditions and itineraries spanning seven continents. Club Members also enjoy privileged access to world-class partners through the Club’s Hotel Collection.

At its core, Exclusive Resorts remains committed to ensuring the Vacation Collection is balanced, providing a variety of destinations for all tastes and travel styles. Location is key, and the ER portfolio is consistently vetted when new properties and destinations are brought into the fold. Privacy is paramount. They look to have their residences in the middle of the action while still maintaining privacy and comfort.

Since its inception, Exclusive Resorts has provided more than 300,000 vacations while delivering consistently high levels of service resulting in an overall satisfaction score of 94 percent. To do this, ER retains more than 350 service professionals ranging from a team of Denver-based Vacation Ambassadors to on-site employees and providers, often solely dedicated to ER Members.

Membership options range from a 10-Year Membership to the Club’s 30-Year, long-term inheritable Membership. Both Memberships afford the choice to travel between 15 to 30 days per year.

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