This new program, from the largest destination club, allows potential members to try out some of the club homes for either a 4- night or 7- night stay.

Destination Clubs have not usually offered these types of trials, and instead have relied on marketing, sales and members referring friends and family, to show people the benefits of club membership.

Exclusive Resorts new program consists of:

Exclusive Los Cabos
Exclusive Los Cabos
  • One time opportunity to experience the club
  • Guests can book either a 4-night stay for $5,900 or a 7-night stay for $8,900.
  • 5 signature destinations are available: Los Cabos, Grand Cayman, Real del Mar, Scottsdale and Costa Rica are available for travel.
  • As a sponsored guest, you will be treated as a club member in every way, including personalized service and access to all of the club’s resort amenities.
  • Should you decide to join the club as a member within 30 days following your vacation, the Sponsored Guest fee will be applied against the cost of membership.

The club does place a few restrictions on the program – partly to protect the space available for current members of the club. For instance some locations may not be available on certain dates and the program is only available to “qualified” potential members.

My sense is that both this program and Ultimate Escapes comparable programs, are driven in part by the current economy, but regardless, this is a great way to try out a destination club and experience first hand the service levels that are such a key ingredient. The only other club with a formal trial program is Distinctive Holiday Homes, which charges $1,500 per night for a 2- to 7- night trip to any one of its homes.