One of the largest destination clubs, Exclusive Resorts, has recently started to allow members to resell a portion of their memberships. This change was one of a group of enhancements that the club introduced earlier this year as part of its 10th anniversary.

ER, Real-del-Mar, Mexico

Under the new rules, any member with 30 or more membership days per year, can transfer or sell a portion of their membership to someone else.

As an example, I spoke to one Exclusive Resorts member who is selling 40 days of his 60 day membership. The person selling this membership has been a member of the club since its early days and is still retaining 20 days, to allow him to continue to travel with the club.

It is fairly unique for destination clubs to allow their members to sell or transfer a portion of their memberships. In nearly all the other cases, if you want to sell your membership or resign from the club, you have to work through the club, who will find a buyer for you. The only other club that has allowed resales was M Private Residences, which had a resale program in place for a few years.

Some of the other changes that the club introduced included: a "Gifted Weeks" program that allows members to share some of their travel days with anyone they want (without the member being present), new upgrade options, changes to booking and availability at peak periods.

Exclusive Resorts describes itself as "the world's foremost private club for luxury vacations". It offers over 300 multimillion-dollar two- to five-bedroom privately managed residences spanning 75 destinations. Plus members can enjoy "bucket list" tours to places such as Antarctica, the Himalayas, Scandinavia, and Uganda. The club also provides VIP access to the most prestigious sporting, luxury lifestyle and entertainment events each year including the Superbowl, Kentucky Derby and The Masters.

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NOTE: This is an article from 2014. More recent articles are available below and linked at the Exclusive Resorts overview page.