The worlds largest destination club has created a one year trial offer just for Ultimate Escapes members.

The offer provides 10 days of travel until December 2011 to any of the clubs 37 locations. The full club services are provided as part of this trial, which also includes one advance reservation for up to seven days. Days not used in the advance reservation can be used in the shorter term space available window.

“It lets you take a trip if you were counting on taking one” said Jeff Hartman, SVP Communications at Exclusive Resorts.

Exclusive Resorts Cabo san Lucas

The charge for this is $14,900 and this amount can be applied towards a membership fee if someone subsequently joins Exclusive by September 30th 2011. The club is making 100 of these trials available.

Exclusive Resorts has had a “Sponsored Guest” trial program available for a couple of years. This also lets prospective members try out the club, but for a shorter vacation and is currently restricted to 12 of the clubs destinations. The club doesn’t specifically say that the cost of this can be offset against future membership, but anyone who travels as a Sponsored Guest should certainly ask about this.

While Ultimate Escapes works through its options in bankruptcy, the other clubs are likely to make offers to induce their members over. Quintess has already reached out to some of the Ultimate members with special customized deals.

NOTE: This is an article from 2010. More recent articles are available below and linked at the Exclusive Resorts overview page.