The destination club has two types of memberships available, its more traditional 30-year membership and a newer 10-year membership. Both types of members can travel across the Club’s full portfolio of 400+ luxury residences and experiences spanning 120+ destinations.

Vacation Options

The ER Residence Collection includes homes in the world's best locations and have been carefully vetted, providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to expect. The largest number of homes are in North America and the Caribbean including Aspen, Deer Valley, Kiawah, Maui, New York, Abaco and St Barts among many others. Other global locations include Phuket, Kyoto, Barcelona, Florence, Venice and Vienna. The residences come fully equipped with kid-approved amenities from state-of-the-art media rooms to private infinity pools.

The Experience Collection is designed to help spark your wanderlust and check off your bucket list. There are dozens of trips with everything from:

  • Exploring the Alaskan Coastal Wilderness
  • A curated three-day exploration of cuisine, cocktails and music of The Big Easy.
  • An African adventure visiting the Ngorongoro Crater, with guide led game drives in the Serengeti bush and visits to a Masaai village.
  • A 12-day adventure to Antarctica, featuring icebergs, zodiacs and penguins.

Exclusive Resorts takes care of the hard stuff on these trips, from securing visas to hiring the most knowledgeable guides.

ER Real del Mar

Membership Costs

The one-time, non-refundable initiation fee is $125,000 for a 10-year membership. You could think of it as $12,500 a year to be part of this travel club. The annual dues are $1,350 per day, in other words if you travel for 15 days with the club the dues total $20,250 a year. You can choose the number of days to suit your family’s needs, and every year you have the flexibility to adjust the number of days you would like to travel.

Your immediate family, which includes children who are 23+, siblings and parents, can use your membership for travel with or without you. Then members can also gift seven days per year to an individual over the age of 23.

Like other destination clubs, Exclusive Resorts members have access to “Vacation Ambassadors” who get to know each member and can help suggest trips and also plan and organize all aspects of a vacation. At each location a dedicated on-site “Personal Concierge” can arrange everything from pre-arrival grocery stocking to securing advanced reservations at top restaurants and museums.