The luxury vacation club Exclusive Resorts recently produced a Harry Potter 5 day trip for their members. From July 4th - 8th they turned Bovey Castle in England into their own School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Harry Potter Wizards

The 40 adults and 40 kids on the trip rode out of London on the morning of July 4th aboard the actual Hogwarts Express train used in the movies. The train even had a trolley offering Bertie's Bott's every flavor beans, Drooble's best blowing gum, chocolate frogs, pumpkin pastries, cauldron cakes, and licorice wands!

On their first evening at the castle the kids were "sorted" into houses by the "schools" sorting hat. The next few days included classes in potion-making, herbology, astronomy, falconry and magical creatures and some classic storytelling. And on the final night of the event, children enjoyed a game-filled pajama party, which was followed the next day by their own land-based Wizarding Tournament (a version of Quidditch without the flying broomsticks).

Exclusive Resorts provides its members with access to over 300 luxury homes around the world, with an average value of $3m. Initial membership fees range from $225,000 to $425,000 and annual dues are from $12,900 to $29,000.

This Harry Potter experience was one of several member events that the club produces each year, which are above and beyond the core membership offering. For the Harry Potter trip members paid an extra $3,500 per child and $2,500 per adult.

Other examples of these special trips that Exclusive Resorts has planned include:
 * a guided fly fishing excursion in Telluride in August.
 * a poker weekend at Lake Tahoe in September with 2004 World Series of Poker Champion Greg Raymer.
 * an inspirational healthy aging weekend at Scottsdale in October featuring Dr. Andrew Weil.

Destination clubs provide their members with access to luxury vacation homes, and in addition several of the clubs offer unique trips and experiences or special access to events. All the clubs provide a concierge service to their members. For further details on the clubs start with a comparison of the destination clubs or for much more in depth detail download our guide to destination clubs.

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