This expanding equity destination club just formed a member council last week to help advise the managing members.

Equity Estates Telluride Deck View
Equity Estates Telluride Deck View

Philip Mekelburg, one of the managing members, explained that the members had voted and selected the 5 people for the member council last Friday. Equity Estates introduced the council to make sure they have good feedback and contacts with their members. The club has continued to grow and now has 85-90 member owners, with about 50% of them on the half share or 15 night membership level.

The council will hold a quarterly conference call and will also be able to help out and advise the managing members on a range of topics. Some diverse examples that Philip gave included:

  • The selection of destinations and properties. For example should they keep a given house when the lease is up (Note Equity Estates owns several of it’s homes and leases others).
  • Various services including things as mundane as should they have two remote controls.
  • Ideas on improvements eg do we need bicycles in every house or just the beach houses.

So it sounds like the member council will be a sounding board for a variety of plans and ideas and will often be asked “what do you think of………..” .