As of March 1st, the luxury vacation club Distinctive Holiday Homes has changed its membership plans and lowered the annual dues while increasing the initial membership fee on most plans.

Distinctive Tuscany Pool
Distinctive Tuscany Home

The club now has 6 different personal membership plans that offer from 7 to 42 days of vacations a year. All the plans allow members to purchase extra days of vacations, over and above the number in their membership plan. Members in all plans, except the 7 day "Lite" plan, can also give some of their days to extended family who can use the clubs homes and yachts without the member being present.

Distinctive also offers 4 corporate membership plans which are good for sharing vacation days amongst employees, colleagues, clients or business partners.

PERSONAL PLANSInitial DepositAnnual DuesIncluded DaysExtra Days CostAdvance BookingsFamily Days


Distinctive Holiday Homes now has 11 homes including 2 yachts based in Europe, with an overall average value of $3.3m. Most of the homes have a luxury vehicle on site for members use and members also have a $500 per week food credit, which can be used to make sure the pantry and shelves are stocked before you arrive. (Note, this used to be a $1,000 food credit and was reduced at members request - this is part of the reason why the annual dues are now lower than before.)

Distinctive Beaver Creek
Distinctive Beaver Creek Home

Distinctive is one of the most geographically diverse clubs, with homes in Europe, North America and Australasia/Pacific. With these new plans it also offers one of the most flexible membership structures.

If you're wondering about any of the terms used to describe the club and its membership plan features, then read our Destination Club Glossary.