This global destination club has quietly lowered its initial fees across all its membership plans.

I spoke to Robert Good, Senior Manager of Distinctive Holiday Homes USA, who explained that with the drop in property prices around the world the club can now buy comparable homes at lower prices. The main purpose of this initial fee is to pay for the acquisition of club homes, so as property prices have fallen the club has equally dropped these membership fees.

Distinctive Holiday Homes had been gradually raising its fees since it launched last year, but with this latest change the initial fees are at or below the level from earlier this year.

The club is clearly keeping its members happy. Robert mentioned that even in the current economic downturn the club has still never had any members resign, and no members have ever reduced the level of their membership plan. In fact the majority of members have actually bought additional nights at the club homes, over and above their membership plan nights. This is a nice feature that Distinctive offers.

The current membership plans are summarized below:

PERSONAL PLANSInitial DepositAnnual DuesIncluded DaysExtra Days CostAdvance BookingsFamily Days