Have last minute plans and wish you had a private jet to fly you there? Destination clubs make their members feel and look like celebrities with private jets and top-notch concierge services for a fabulous lifestyle.

Quickly moving forward as a destination club worth considering, Distinctive Holiday Homes (DHH) has recently made partnerships with Quintessentially, a concierge service; and Bombardier Skyjet International. DHH was recently featured on SherpaReport as a new luxury destination club ( Distinctive Holiday Homes Makes a Grand Entrance).

With these new alliances, DHH starts to move into the same league for member services as some of the more well established clubs like Solstice, Quintess and LUSSO, to name a few.


Simply put, these new partnerships mean even more services for members. Concierge services in the form of local hosts at each home are typical of most luxury destination clubs. These hosts are individuals who live in the area and have inside knowledge of local happenings and hot spots for the affluent members. Hosts are on site to welcome guests and assist with arranging daily requests and activity planning during their stay. But some destination clubs have partnered up with third-party concierge services to extend member benefits.

Third-party concierge services, like Quintessentially, are available to members 365 days a year, whether members are vacationing or not. If a member wants to get tickets to a popular show or book a spontaneous mini get-away, they can contact a "personal" concierge to make the arrangements. DHH chose Quintessentially for its track record as well as its local convenience for DHH's global members. Based in the UK, Quintessentially has been around since 2000 and has offices in almost every major city in the world. Because Quintessentially has staff members in 28 countries, DHH members can call a local representative to make entertainment and travel arrangements for them any time they wish.


In addition to a personal concierge, DHH members can now request a private jet at short notice, of at least 8 hours in advance. DHH's partnership with Bombardier, a leading manufacturer of business jets, makes member travel even easier. Skyjet, the jet card and charter jet service of Bombardier, is available to DHH members at a special rate for trips within Europe or the United States or for any last-leg connections from international flights.

Many of the top destination clubs offer jet and medical jet services to their members. Almost all of the clubs offering private jets boast of lower prices, economical one-way flights, paying for hours used instead of regular charter costs, or using a card system where members pay for a certain amount of air time in advance instead of paying for flight time they will not use. The bottom line is that the club membership makes booking private jets much more affordable.

With these new partnerships, DHH continues to expand in this competitive market. The chart below compares DHH's new offerings to other destination clubs. To compare costs and other amenities for these clubs, start at Compare Destination Clubs then read about each of the clubs.

 Club  Jet  Medical Jet  3rd Party Concierge  Car Service  Ski/Golf Services  Other Partnerships
 Ciel Club X         X
 Solstice X X   X   X
 Exclusive Resorts X     X X X
 LUSSO   X X   X  
 Private Escapes X   X     X
 Quintess X   X X    
 Distinctive Holliday Homes X   X X    

**The section labeled "Other Partners" includes luggage services, wine advisors, affiliate properties for extra destination choices, access to private golf courses, and/or other specialty services.

For an in depth view of the destination clubs including all the services and amenities they offer, download our in-depth Guide to Destination Clubs.