The new club, which provides access to hundreds of vacation homes around the world, now offers three membership levels. The main difference between each is the amount of discounts available: the longer your term, the greater your discounts.

Demeure Lake Tahoe Home

Demeure Lake Tahoe Home

As with destination clubs, all the membership levels enjoy highly-personalized service from a dedicated travel planner and member liaison, who to quote Demeure "learn what it takes for you and your family to have amazing vacations".

 Membership  "Discovery"
1 Year
 3 Year  5 Year
 Discount  Up to 20% 
 Up to 30% 
 Up to 40% 
 Initiation Fee  None 
 Deposit  None 
 3 month 
 6 month 

Annual Travel Commitment

Becoming a Demeure Club member involves deciding how much you want to travel per year, expressed as a dollar amount. This determines your annual travel commitment (ATC). Once each year on your anniversary date, you deposit funds into Demeure's secure escrow account, to the level of your ATC. Those funds are withdrawn as you travel over the course of the year. Members can make reservations 12 months in advance from the current date and can carry forward money in their account so long as they book before the anniversary date.

Home Exchange

If you already own a vacation home, Demeure provides a means to exchange nights in your own home for free nights at other properties around the world. For every three nights you wish to travel, you contribute a total of four to the club - so you can pay in time and not cash.

The clubs "fair exchange program" is available to everyone with a 3- or 5-year Demeure Club membership. By contributing time in a property of your own, you offset the cost of your ATC, which is billed once per year. To travel for free, you can simply contribute enough time to fully offset your ATC. If your home generates more exchange credit than you need to cover your ATC as a Demeure Club member, you will receive that extra credit as cash.

The club has grown to over 185 members and their families, with many of these joining following the acquisition of the Ultimate Escapes assets.