Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (highest) $3,995
 Annual Dues (highest) $1,500
 # Nights Unlimited, per diem
 % Membership Refundable 0%
 Refund Basis N/A
 # of homes 300+
 # of locations 100+
 Average Value $1.5m+
 Members per Home N/A
 Number members 200+
 Founded 2009
 % Homes owned 0%


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Demeure is a private luxury travel club and home exchange marketplace.

Demeure premium travel members enjoy a growing portfolio of over 2,000 total properties around the world, of which over 300 are their top level "Concierge certified" residences. All properties meet luxury standards and many properties in the Demeure portfolio are owned by Demeure members themselves and often aren't available anywhere else. These properties may never be available for public rental – but through Demeure, owners make exceptions for fellow members because they're a part of the same trusted and vetted community. If a member owns a vacation home, they can sell Demeure a week in their property, receive a credit immediately and use their buying power to book another property in the Demeure portfolio.

Each member is matched up with a Private Assistant that learns about the members family travel goals, needs, and preferences. When a member is ready to book, they'll take care of everything and ensure a smooth transition into the hands of the on-the-ground hosts. These hosts are local experts and know all the ins and outs of the area. The Hosts have years of experience hosting discerning clients and earning their loyalty.

Demeure is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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