New members who join the club before December 15, 2010 enjoy an additional fifteen complimentary nights over the next three years.

Abercrombie & Kent Deer Valley, Utah

A&K Residence Club has had various joining offers over the last few years. The most generous offer was a two year trial membership for just a 10% premium on the annual dues and no one time capital contribution. This offer was available through the 31st August.

Club members have access to 17 club owned homes, several villas and boutique hotels in Europe and can trade some of their membership nights for travel with parent company Abercrombie & Kent. When members get that adventurous urge, they can trade for parent A&K extreme adventure trips including journeys to Everest base camp, grizzly bear encounters in Canada and a desert road rally in Morocco.

The plan levels under this new offer are shown in the table below. Members receive an extra five nights for their first three years of membership.

Plan One-Time Capital Contribution Annual Dues Standard Nights Total Nights with Offer
 Hemisphere $145,000 $17,000 15 20
 30-Night Annual Plan $250,000 $29,000 30 35
 45-Night Annual Plan $320,000 $42,000 45 50

“Most destination clubs are built on a real estate model,” explains Club president Scott Wiseman. “The Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club was founded on a fundamentally different, more conservative ‘equity’ model. The members own the Club and the Club owns the properties, debt-free. Capital contributions are secured by the Club’s assets, providing a measure of security and peace of mind from membership backed by hard assets."