Just when it looked like Tanner & Haley's members and properties were going to join up with Ultimate Resorts, along comes Joe Ricketts (founder of Ciel and Ameritrade) with a $108m offer. This is $10m more than last weeks offer from Ultimate Resorts. So it's going to be interesting to see where Tanner & Haley ends up.

Preeminent Global Experience, LP (PGE), the parent company for Ciel, is offering all Tanner & Haley members the opportunity to join Ciel, with Legendary Retreat Members receiving a membership with no membership deposit. PGE will also form a New Club for all the other T&H members.

A large part of the Ciel membership experience is not just the exclusive luxury properties but also the once in a lifetime experiences which Ciel offers through it's "Experience Crafting(TM) process".

Ciel was launched this Fall and is an invitation only club with a limit of 100 members.