Membership Pricing
 Initial Membership Fee (highest) $150,000
 Annual Dues (highest) $3,000
 # Nights 7
 % Membership Refundable NA
 Refund Basis NA
 # of homes 11
 # of locations 11
 Average Value $2m
 Members per Home NA
 Number members 180
 Founded 2006
 % Homes owned 100%


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Banyan Tree Private Collection was founded in 2006 by the Banyan Tree Group, an Asian based luxury Hotel and Resort company.

Many of the clubs properties are two bedroom villas based at Banyan Tree resorts, but the club has also purchased four-bedroom villas in Tuscany and Provence and a two bedroom apartment in London.

The perpetual and transferable membership is asset backed, with the clubs assets held by an independent company, whose shares are held by a trustee shareholder.

Members can use the Banyan Tree resort amenities and receive special pricing on many services and merchandise.

The club is headquartered in Singapore.

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