Luxury destination club Inspirato prides itself on providing five-star service and a five-star portfolio of properties in locations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We talked to a member who had made the most of all this, in his first year of membership.

Roy E. became an Inspirato member in December 2015. He wasted no time in making the most of his membership, enjoying 12 vacations in his first 12 months. One thing that attracted Roy to Inspirato was its team of expert concierges, all knowledgeable about specific destinations. He says, “The old way of vacationing is a lot of work. You’re not an expert on every location, so it’s nice to have a club where you know that the legwork has been done upfront.” He appreciates having the benefit of someone else’s expertise. “There’s someone that’s going to be there with you along the way while you’re vacationing, so you can focus on having fun and not on making arrangements or keeping up with vendors. You can put your vacation on auto-pilot,” notes Roy .

Cacique Costa Rica Villa

Inspirato membership has allowed Roy to enjoy time away with friends, family, and business colleagues. In one year of membership he visited:

  • Los Cabos, Mexico. The family kicked off the year with a winter escape to Mexico, where they enjoyed scuba diving and a sunset cruise.
  • San Diego, CA. Roy was lucky enough to win this vacation through his Inspirato Facebook group.
  • Sonoma County, CA. Roy was able to treat some of his coworkers on a trip to wine country where they all partook of some of the fine local cuisines. A relatively recent addition to the Inspirato portfolio, the Sonoma residences combine modern luxury and stunning views of the Russian River Valley with the convenience of being within easy reach of dozens of top-quality wineries.
  • Real del Mar, Mexico. Time for another family getaway to Mexico, where everyone loved the crystal blue waters and the on-site beach club.
  • Cacique Peninsula, Costa Rica. After several trips to Mexico, the family decided to venture further south to one of the luxury beachfront properties in Playas del Coco. This proved to be one of Roy’s favorite destinations of the year. He says, “Costa Rica is amazing, and Playas del Coco is beautiful. We loved all the activities that are offered in the area such as zip lining, rafting, ATV’s, and more.”
  • Las Vegas, NV. Now into summer, Roy and his wife made time for a quick trip to Vegas.
  • Scottsdale, AZ. Time for another business trip, but there was nothing to complain about considering Inspirato’s luxury desert properties.
  • Lake Tahoe, CA. Although Tahoe is often thought of as a winter destination, the lake makes it the perfect summer destination for the entire family, with boating, outdoor adventure courses, and stunning views.
  • New York, NY. Roy traveled to the Big Apple for business in October, where Inspirato offers a range of luxury suites at some of the city’s finest hotels. Most recently added are suites at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge with views across Manhattan.
  • San Diego, CA. Even at the busiest of times, Inspirato members can enjoy a quick getaway, as Roy discovered in November when he took an overnight trip to San Diego. This was one of Inspirato’s Jaunt offerings, where particular pre-selected trips are made available each week at a discount.
  • La Paz, Mexico. Accompanied by several friends, Roy and his wife relaxed at one of Mexico’s more secluded destinations in December.
  • London, UK. And for the final trip within a year, exactly 364 days after beginning his first trip to Los Cabos, Roy crossed the Atlantic to stay at a luxury flat in the UK’s capital.

Since completing his marathon twelve vacations in as many months, Roy and his family have taken several additional trips to Inspirato properties, including a beach trip to Punta de Mita in Mexico. Most recently, he has undertaken a road trip from Palm Springs to Scottsdale, and on to Las Vegas.

San Diego Shorebreak

Now an experienced Inspirato traveler, Roy loves how easy the entire process of planning a trip is. He says, “There’s the very easy-to-use website for browsing the locations, and once you book, there’s a smooth transition process. You have the vacation planner that contacts you, and then you have the on-site destination concierge. Everything is thought of very well and designed to give the member a great experience.”

Although a frequent traveler before joining Inspirato, Roy says that he would typically visit more popular destinations. Becoming a member, however, has encouraged him to venture a little bit off the beaten path because he knows he can trust their service. He says, “We’re doing a lot more exotic destinations, like Playas del Coco in Costa Rica or La Paz in Mexico – those are cities you wouldn’t just plan a vacation to on your own. You’d go to Los Cabos, but who on their own says ‘I’m going to fly to Cabo and then drive two hours north to some little town?’” Knowing that Inspirato has carefully selected and curated their list of properties and destinations gives them the confidence to try new places.

At some point, Roy says that he would like to travel to some of the Caribbean properties. However, with so many great destinations along the West Coast and in Central America, he admits it may take a while. But he’ll certainly have a lot of fun, knowing that whichever destinations he chooses, he will be benefiting from Inspirato’s expertise.