Here are a selection of companies that set up and manage fractional yacht ownership programs. These companies cover a variety of yacht sizes and a variety of geographic locations. Companies offering smaller boats tend to cover specific geographic regions, while those with larger boats effectively have global offerings to complement the boats capabilities.

 Company  Locations  Size (ft)  Builders  Motor/Sail
 YachtPlus  Caribbean, Mediterranean  132  Rodriquez Cantieri Navali  Motor
 PartnerShips  US, Caribbean, Mediterranean  85 - 143  Various  Motor
 Curvelle  Caribbean, Mediterranean  108  Cheoy Lee  Motor
 SeaNet  US, Mexico, Caribbean, Mediterranean  35 - 115  Sunseeker  Motor
 Barton & Gray  US East Coast  35 - 70  Hinckley, Wally  Motor
 The Yacht Share  US East Coast  50 - 53  Carver, Sunseeker  Motor
 Windpath  US Various  34 - 40  Catalina  Sail
 Monocle Yachts  Global  68 - 328  Various  Motor, Sail
 Yacht Partners  CA  57 - 68  MaKinna, Hatteras, Nordland  Motor
 AP Yacht Sales  Panama, Costa Rica  36 - 88  Ferretti, Bertram  Motor
 Phoenix Fractional Yachts  Mediterranean, East Coast, Carribean  60 - 120  Various  Sail, Motor
 Signature Yacht Shares  Florida  29 - 75  Various  Motor
 Pacific NW Yachts  Pacific NW  46 - 82  Various  Motor
 Miracle Yachts  CA, FL  62 - 72  Cheoy Lee, Azimut  Motor
 PrivatSea **  Global  60 - 400  Various  Motor, Sail
 Freedom Boat Club **  Eastern US
 23 - 42  Various  Motor, Sail
 CareFree Boat Club **  US East Coast
 18 - 37  Various  Motor, Sail

**The Freedom Boat Club, CareFree Boat Club and PrivatSea are not strictly fractional ownership programs, since members don't own the boats, but instead have use of a wide selection of the boats in the club. We've included them here since they're an option worth considering if you're looking at fractional programs.

If you know of a Fractional Yacht Program that you would like to see added please Contact Us.