The new program from XOJET is targeted as an alternative to fractional jet ownership and jet card programs. XOJET Elite Access offers program members guaranteed access to the XOJET fleet of Citation X and Challenger 300 jets, with as little as 12 hours notice.

XOJet Challenger 300

The program offers pay-as-you-fly payment terms, at a $8,500 hourly rate that includes all fees, taxes and fuel, based on an annual commitment of 50 hours

"We heard from our customers that they needed a simple, easy-to-understand program that offered guaranteed access to the XOJET fleet," said Brad Stewart, President of XOJET. "We decided to make it even easier by letting them pay as they fly instead of requiring a significant upfront purchase. For mid or super-mid jet flyers accustomed to fractional ownership or jet cards, XOJET Elite Access will provide the highest level of service without the costly initial purchase, monthly management fees, unpredictable fuel surcharges, inflexible terms and residual value risk."

Program members make a deposit of $100,000 that's fully refundable at any time. Then to plan flights they contact their dedicated private aviation advisors within 12 hours of flight time on non-peak days, or within 48 hours on peak days. Members are billed for each flight, with a minimum charge of 1.5 hours, long as they maintain a $100,000 deposit on account. Any unused portion of the deposit can be refunded at any time, applied to the last 12 hours of the agreement, or applied to future flights. Elite Access includes a semi-annual review of the program usage with an aviation advisor to optimize and adjust the program to best meet a members needs.

"Private flyers want flexibility, easy-to-understand terms, ease of entry into and out of a program without penalties, stacks of paperwork and hidden charges. In other words, they're looking for simplicity and transparency." said Chuck Stumpf, Senior Vice President of Sales and National Accounts, XOJET.

The Elite Access program is available to new customers in the following states: New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California.