Private aviation provider Wheels Up has just streamlined its on-demand offerings. It now has three membership types that have capped hourly rates and also provides dynamically priced private aircraft charter. All customers can also receive enhanced flight status with Delta Air Lines based on their annual spend.



The three membership levels are:

  1. Individual, which has an initial fee and annual fee of $8,500 and requires a $100,000 initial deposit to prefund flight time.
  2. Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions, which also has an initial fee and annual fee of $8,500 and requires a $250,000 initial deposit to prefund flight time.
  3. Custom Enterprise Solutions, which has no initial or annual fees, and requires a $500,000 initial deposit to prefund flight time.

The Individual and Small and Medium Enterprise Solutions provide capped hourly rates, guaranteed availability and recovery in both primary and extended service areas within the U.S., U.K. and Europe. The capped or “price protection” rate for light jets is $7,795 for Individual memberships and $7,595 for the SME membership, this means that if a lower rate is available a member will pay the lower rate. The Custom membership is a fixed rate product offering. All memberships offer price protection for four aircraft categories: turboprop, light jet, midsize jet, and super midsize jet. The more funds invested, the lower the “will not exceed price protection rate.” The capped “price protection” for Wheels Up membership on King Airs is $5,995 per hour.

Last year, Wheels Up adjusted its primary service areas in the US to be East Coast and West Coast focused, and it is keeping these areas for the capped rates.

"We are introducing the marketplace to a new way of flying private, one that further delivers choice to customers and adds to the value of Wheels Up's premium travel experience by capitalizing on our global aviation network, competitive pricing model, and unique capacity to offer guaranteed availability and recovery to our members in areas where they travel most," said Wheels Up CEO George Mattson.

On-Demand Charter

For travelers who are looking to pay as they go, Wheels Up charter allows customers to book ad-hoc trips with no upfront costs, for everything from a family vacation to a multi-stop, international business itinerary.

Wheels Up charter provides access to a large network of safety-vetted aircraft. For added value, fliers can earn rewards for each flight which are currently a 2% flight credit for every $50,000 flown, and Diamond Medallion Status with Delta after achieving qualifying flight spend which is currently set at $125,000. Wheels Up says this program is designed to reward and incentivize frequent charter bookings. Customers booking charter flights through Wheels Up and Air Partner can earn these rewards on qualifying spend.

Delta Diamond Medallion

Both Wheels Up members and charter customers can receive Delta Diamond Medallion status – the highest level in the SkyMiles Loyalty Program. Members receive one Diamond Medallion Status for the 2025 Medallion Year with Delta Air Lines for every $100,000 spent by a Wheels Up member in a pre-paid Wheels Up Fund.