Fractional jet and jet card provider Volato has ordered another 25 HondaJets. This new order will bring the total fleet to over 40 of these light jets. The new order is for the latest HondaJet Elite II.

HondaJet Elite II

The latest version of the HondaJet, the Elite II model, was just announced at NBAA-EBACE in October this year. It adds fuel capacity to increase the range and adds upgraded features in both the cockpit and the cabin.

“We believe in the vision and future of Honda Aircraft Company as they continue to optimize the private jet experience with the HondaJet,” explains Matt Liotta, CEO and Co-Founder of Volato. “Every business decision we make aims to deliver the best experience for our customers. For example, we are working directly with Honda Aircraft Company to optimize the features and functionality of the galley, leading to a more luxurious in cabin experience. Volato’s fractional ownership program provides an unmatched offering in the industry, and it makes sense that one of our key partners would have the equivalent offering in aircraft manufacturing. Receiving such a large delivery from HACI is a big win for Volato and further reinforces our strong working relationship.”

Matt likes to point out that 70% of private aviation flights are with 4 passengers or fewer, so the HondaJet is an economical and comfortable platform for these type of trips.

New Volato fractional jet customers gain immediate access to the fleet, when they put down the deposit for their share. They can effectively fly at the same rate as owners, although they don’t receive the novel revenue share but equally don’t pay a monthly management fee.

Other Products

Volato is expanding rapidly. It recently announced a fleet order of Gulfstream G280 super-midsize jets, which will be configured for ten passengers. 

The Volato Stretch Jet Card was just launched earlier in 2022, with an gradual role out to make sure everything went smoothly.

“Most demand is on the fractional side” said Matt, then added “but we’ve been at that longer (than the card).”

“The current market has limited choices on fractional light jets” stated Matt, adding “We are one of the choices.”