This new short-term lease from VistaJet offers a dedicated aircraft and crew for one, two or three months. The fixed monthly cost includes up to 50 hours usage per month with additional hours available at a reduced rate.

The program includes any aircraft from the VistaJet fleet, such as the 8 passenger super-mid Challenger 350, the 10 passenger Challenger 605 with a range of 4,000nm, the 14 passenger Challenger 850 with a 2,800nm range or the 5,200nm 14 passenger large cabin Global 5000.

VistaJet will position the plane at your nearest airport, with a dedicated crew, to be ready to fly anytime and anywhere you need. An extra crew can be provided if needed.

VistaJet Aircraft

This offering could be used for business or personal use, to fly with family, and would be useful if you may need to react quickly to market changes. The monthly structure means there’s no commitment to ownership or long-term contracts. Part of this is also aimed at people who don’t wish to share a plane due to the current health situation.

VistaJet also says it could be used by aircraft owners, if their current crew is impacted by coronavirus, or their plane is in maintenance or potential owners who are waiting for a new aircraft to some off a production line.

Pricing starts at $445,000 plus $50,000 deposit for a Challenger 350. The price includes maintenance, crew, a complementary first flight, local catering and a fuel allowance of $1.35 per gallon. The deposit is used to cover additional charges, such as fuel surcharge, landing and handling costs, de-icing and an extra set of crew if required.

When Vista Global Holding was formed in 2018, founder Thomas Flohr talked about plans to create a business jet leasing product. The current pandemic and travel restrictions means the VistaJet global fleet of 70 aircraft is not as busy as usual, whereas in normal times they would be crossing the globe, traveling to over 187 countries. This has created the opportunity to offer these short-term leases.

In addition, VistaJet is offering its empty leg flights on a complimentary basis for critical flights to transport medical experts to necessary locations as they help to fight the global. And is in talks with medical organizations, health experts and regulators to identify other solutions to help, including the transportation of key medical supplies.