Leading charter provider Sentient is currently offering a 15 hour jet card at the same hourly rates as their regular 25 hour card.

The hourly rates and fuel rates are locked for 12 months, and the hours never expire. This fuel rate lock allows buyers to hedge against daily market fluctuations so there are no fuel multipliers or fuel bills after a trip.

The pricing starts at $71,760 for 15 hours on a light jet, including fuel and Federal Excise Tax (FET). Pricing for mid size jets starts at $93,360 all included.

Various jet card providers offer special incentives throughout the year. Another common incentive we've seen is adding on an extra hour to a 25 hour card - for instance, Sentient offers this at various times during the year. During holiday season last year, CitationAil was offering a special 5 hour jet card, with the idea that it would make a great gift. Flexjet offers a special edition card each holiday season, which comes with added travel benefits and unique perks such as the Baja edition card from last year. So if you're looking to buy a jet card it's always worth asking if there are any special offers available.

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