With the economy rebounding the large private aviation companies have been placing orders for a variety of new aircraft over the last few years. The total value of these orders is over $32bn since 2010.

It's a real sign of confidence in both the sector and the economy as a whole when the large operators place orders of this magnitude. This confidence certainly seems well placed, given the increasing business levels that these companies are seeing, and that we've reported on.

The orders cover all aircraft types, from turbo-props to heavy jets. And all the largest companies have placed some level of orders. The chart below summarizes the orders back to 2010.

Company Date Amount Number Aircraft Type
VistaJet Dec 2012 $7.8bn 142 Bombardier Global
NetJets Jul 2012 $7.3bn 275 Bombardier Challenger
NetJets Jul 2012 $2.3bn 150 Cessna Citation Latitude
NetJets Mar 2011 $6.7bn 120 Bombardier Global
NetJets Oct 2010 $1.1bn 125 Embraer Phenom 300
Flexjet Sep 2013 $5.6bn 265 Learjet, Challenger
Wheels Up Aug 2013 $1.4bn 105 King Air 350
Flight Options Oct 2010 $0.2bn 40 Nextant 400XT

The figures in the "Amount" and "Number" columns above, are for the totals in each case, so they include both firm orders and related options. For instance the NetJets July 2012 order for Challenger aircraft consisted of 100 firm orders and 175 options, for a total of 275 jets.

The Wheels Up launch order in 2013, was billed as a $1.4bn order, but this also includes a maintenance agreement for the King Airs.

Flight Options also ordered a total of 150 Embraer Phenom 300's in 2007, with an approximate value of $1.2bn.

As you can see from the number above, NetJets, the biggest private aviation company, accounts for about $17.5bn of orders or slightly over half of the total.