As technology continues to make some aspects of life easier and more efficient, it makes sense that booking a private flight should be as stress-free as possible. Most private aircraft companies now offer some sort of app for taking care of reservations. These are an additional and convenient alternative to booking online or via phone. We take a look at a few of the available apps and what they offer.


A relative newcomer to the private aviation world, FlyVictor has been called “the Uber of private flight” by some who’ve experienced it. The app provides real-time access to more than 7,000 private aircraft, showing pricing and availability so that the consumer can choose the option that best suits their needs. By cutting out the middleman and directly linking the consumer to the operator, they claim to provide some of the best available prices.

Features of the app include:

  • Instant access to quotes and availability on the route of your choosing.
  • Compare pricing and aircraft from different operators.
  • No hidden charges. There is a fixed booking fee and the price you are quoted is the price you pay.
  • Easy to view itinerary which you can share with fellow passengers.
  • Instant updates of any changes to your schedule.
  • 24/7 access to FlyVictor customer service staff.
  • GPS directions from your location to departure terminal.
  • Book extras such as special catering requests or pet transportation.
  • Currently only available for iPhone although an Android version is said to be coming soon.

Flyvictor App


Billing itself as “the world’s largest private air travel and lifestyle community” JetSmarter is a membership community that connects passengers to both domestic and international private flights. The company launched in 2012 and its services are only available via mobile app. Several tiers of membership are available, and members can access custom charters, last minute seats, and shuttle flights throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East. Although it has frequently changed it's offerings and business model. As of 2017, JetSmarter claimed 10,000 members and a network of 3,200 aircraft.

Features of the app include:

  • Private and shared charters.
  • Seats on scheduled jet shuttles.
  • Helicopter transfers in select cities.
  • Last minute deals on empty leg flights.
  • 24/7 access to concierge and flight services team.
  • Available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Magellan Jets

Since 2008, Magellan Jets has offered charter flights and jet card programs, enabling members to customize their flight experience to match their needs. Jet cards can be tailored to individuals who fly more than 25 hours per year. A corporate membership is also available for organizations that fly more than 100 hours per year. In 2011, they became an early adopter of app technology when they launched their Private Jet Search app. At the time of launch, Magellan CEO Joshua Hebert said, “The Private Jet Search app is a revolutionary tool. It will provide the instant gratification and savings our clients have been yearning for, which is an incredible thing.”

Features of the app include:

  • Search and book charter flights.
  • See which aircraft are available through real time technology.
  • Shows aircraft interiors, fuel stops, and estimated flights time.
  • Currency converter for international clients.
  • GPS search feature to help members find the nearest airport.
  • Available only on iPhone.

 Magellan App


NetJets manages and operates the largest, most diverse private jet fleet in the world. They pioneered shared aircraft ownership offering all the benefits of whole aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. They also offer a jet card program that is designed specifically for those who fly fewer than 50 hours per year. The NetJets app aims to simplify the booking process for members.

Features of the app include:

  • Up to date flight status information.
  • Streamlined reservation process.
  • Access all details of your NetJets travel.
  • Access to specs for different aircraft and their availability.
  • Local weather forecasts.
  • Book ground transportation and inflight extras such as catering.
  • Easy access to the Owner/Customer Services Team.
  • Available on iPhone only.

Sentient Jets

Sentient Jets offer a 25-hour jet card that can be tailored to the size of aircraft you want to fly the most. Members can also choose between preferred or select options, with the preferred option providing flights on the newest available aircraft (2000 and after). The select option offers flights on older aircraft that have been refurbished and certified for safety. The Sentient Jet booking app was launched in September 2016 and has quickly grown in popularity among card holders. Figures show that mobile app adoption is on the increase, and bookings through the 2017-18 winter season have been evenly split between the traditional methods of phone or email and passengers making their own arrangements via app. At the time of the app’s launch, Sentient Jets President Andrew Collins said that it would “bring us to the next level in servicing our Cardholders’ personal and business travel needs by allowing them to book flights more quickly and easily than ever before, while providing them with the same unparalleled service and commitment to safety they have come to expect."

Features of the app include:

  • Instant quotes and bookings.
  • A step-by-step itinerary guide for each trip.
  • Access to the Sentient Certified safety flight reports for each aircraft.
  • Trip management for past and future flights.
  • Live 24/7 chat with Sentient Jet representatives.
  • Easy access to all personal info and account management.
  • Review feature allowing you to give feedback immediately upon landing.
  • Local hotel and dining recommendations and offers based on Sentient Jet’s cardholder benefits program.
  • Available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Sentient Jet App


WheelsUp launched their Members Only app two years ago and have shown the same high degree of customer service that they are already known for. Executive Vice-President of Marketing Ken Hogan emphasizes how important customer feedback has been. “The first version of our app was very different,” he says. “We are constantly taking member feedback and applying it.” The company’s goal with the app is “to allow our members to control all aspects of their membership through their phone.” More people are downloading and using the app every month. Hogan says that the app allows members to come together by offering and booking shared flights. A special Hot Flights feature gives access to empty leg flights at a fraction of the usual cost.

Features of the app include:

  • Real-time booking.
  • Cut and paste feature for rebooking past itineraries.
  • Booking of additional features such as inflight catering and ground transportation.
  • Details of every available aircraft.
  • Connects members with special events through the Wheels Down program.
  • Offers Hot Flights – a series of specials only available through the app.
  • Search option for seats on shared flights and individual seats on special shuttles.
  • Available for both iPhone and Android devices.

WUP Flight Boards

As you can see, all of the apps offer the same information to enable you to make your booking fairly easily – including access to times, aircraft, prices, and so on. Some of them go the extra mile by offering app-only specials and access to an online community. While some members like the ease and convenience of booking via app, others will always prefer to hear the friendly voice of a customer service rep at the other end of the phone. The choice is ultimately yours. The app is one additional part of the customer experience. Be sure to choose the flight membership program that is right for you based on all your needs, rather than just whether you like the app.