Providing on demand charter services to both businesses and individuals is the core of what Planeclear offers. Their service bridges the gap in available information between the private aviation client and the plane operators.

Cessna Citation X

President James Chitty founded the company in 2008, to provide impartial, personalized and totally transparent private aviation solutions. In other words, passengers always know who they are flying with and the fair market price of the flight.

When a customer approaches Planeclear with a flight request, the company in some cases sources 30-40 aircraft and then narrows this down to 3-4. For this shortlist of options, Planeclear puts together a report showing each of the quotes and maintenance records, safety information, qualifications of each crewmember, including total hours and type hours, size of fleet and size of staff. For the actual aircraft in addition to showing the type and tail number, their report shows the year of manufacture and, where applicable, the year of the last refurbishment.

"We found typical charter brokers are more into the sales aspects" said James Chitty "and aircraft operators are more into the nuts and bolts".

"We work very closely with clients, but customers then book directly with the 135 operator." James continued. "Our customers are savvy and typically have some experience of private aviation. Their needs vary, sometimes they just want to get home, and sometimes they want all the bells and whistles."

Planeclear charges a commission on each transaction of around 2.5%. They offer two forms of membership. Their Jet Charter Membership involves a deposit on account and provides all the reporting and personal assistance noted above. The Planeclear Access Account gives you the benefits of a membership without the upfront deposit.