Are you assessing different private aviation options? Before you commit to a program, be sure to consult SherpaReport's new in-depth Guide to Private Aviation. This free downloadable guide helps anyone considering fractional ownership, jet cards or aircraft charter.

This full-color, comprehensive guide is an invaluable resource for choosing a private aviation program. It offers everything you as a private aviation user should consider to make an informed decision regarding the option that's right for you and your business. Topics include:

  • the benefits of private aviation over commercial airlines including time savings, convenience, privacy and flexibility;

  • an apples-to-apples comparison chart listing the various types of private aircraft available;

  • how to choose the aircraft that best suits your needs including space and aircraft range factors; also included is an aircraft selection checklist that provides additional attributes to consider;

  • types of private aviation programs including detailed descriptions, benefits and considerations of fractional ownership programs, fractional jet cards, jet charter cards and on-demand aircraft charter;

  • an explanation of private aviation programs' primary service areas and peak travel days;

  • sample pricing information regarding each type of program;

  • factors to consider in regard to each operator's aircraft, safety record, pilots, experience and service level;

  • features to consider when choosing the program that best suits your leisure and/or business travel needs;

  • a chart comparing advantages, purchase increments and time commitments of whole aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, fractional jet cards, jet charter cards and on-demand charter;

  • a glossary of terms and a description of legal documents are also included.

The initial reaction from readers has been very positive. Bruce W of Michigan said he "found it very useful" when researching the private aviation options.

You can download the Guide to Private Aviation here.