The Elite Jet Cards are a way for customers to access the NetJets fleet at a lower price, that also come with a few more restrictions on use. These jet cards have been available for a few years and NetJets recently broadened the program to include a range of jets.

At the time the card was launched it was available on the Citation light jets in the NetJets fleet. The card has now expanded to be available on the following four aircraft:

  • Embraer Phenom 300, 6 passenger, 4 hour range light jet
  • Citation Excel, 7 passenger, 4.25 hour range light jet
  • Citation Sovereign, 8 passenger, 7.25 hour range midsize jet
  • Gulfstream G450, 14 passenger, 9.45 hour range large cabin jet

The notice period or response time for these Elite cards is 24 hours, whereas the NetJets Marquis jet cards have a 10 hour notice period. Both the Elite Card and the Marquis Card have a 120-hour response time on Peak days. For the Elite Card, there are up to 45 peak days a year but Marquis Jet Card owners have no more than 30 peak period days per year.

NetJets Gulfstream G450

Elite Card owners are also subject to a 25% premium if they do decide to fly on the peak days, so their actual flight time is multiplied by 1.25 and the resulting number is the number of hours billed and deducted from the card. The Marquis Card owners are just charged the actual flight time for peak day flights.

Both the Elite and Marquis jet card holders can use their hours on the NetJets Europe fleet at predetermined inter-program exchange rates.

The Elite Card pricing includes fuel and FET, whereas Marquis pricing excludes FET and is subject to a fuel surcharge. For both of the cards international fees, ground transportation charges and other miscellaneous fees are extra.

The net effect is that the Elite Card is a better option if you tend to plan your flights in advance and the 24 hour notice period works for you, and you don’t need to travel on peak days during the year.