Private aviation solutions provider Magellan Jets offers both model specific jet cards and also category cards, as well as providing membership options. It has just lowered the hourly rates on its cards and memberships.

Jet Cards

For starters, Magellan has brought back its light jet card at $6,750 an hour – the previous lowest priced card was specifically on the Phenom 300 light jet, which is still available, at $7,950 per hour. For a 25 hour jet card on a mid-size jet the rate is now $8,250 per hour, down from $8,750. There are also price drops on super-mid size, now $10,250, and heavy jet category cards, now $12,500, and on the specific Hawker 800XP, Challenger 300/350 and Gulfstream G450/550 jet cards.

The jet cards come with 24-hour scheduling notice, long-leg & round-trip discounts and up to an 18-month rate lock. The above rates are exclusive of FET (7.5%) and fuel surcharges. For a light jet the current fuel surcharge is $737 per hour.

“As a customer-first company, we’re excited to provide more value across our entire portfolio and offer our guests the strongest private aviation solutions,” said Magellan Jets CEO and founder Joshua Hebert. “The private aviation market has opened back up, and Magellan’s client-centric program and robust infrastructure enable us to make these pivots on behalf of our customers.”

Magellan Jets

Membership Rates Lower

Magellan also offers two membership options, which each have an initial fee and a lower annual renewal fee. The Explorer membership offers fixed rates across all four aircraft categories on a pay as you fly basis (ie pay when you use the flights), with 72 hours notice required. The Explorer 100 membership requires a $100,000 deposit but this locks in hourly rates for a year and has a shorter 48 hour notice period. The annual renewal fee for both of these memberships has dropped to $4,500.

The hourly rates have also dropped for both the memberships, with a light jet now $6,800 an hour (down from $6,900), and similar lower prices on the other jet cabin sizes.

“As more private fliers diversify their aviation portfolios, we’ve seen that fixed pricing, service consistency, ease of scheduling, and guaranteed backup & recovery are what they’re searching for,” said Magellan Jets President and co-founder Anthony Tivnan. “Being able to consistently deliver on those benefits without a large up-front investment is what makes Explorer and Explorer100 the perfect warranty for the aircraft owner or corporate flight department.”