Massachusetts-based Magellan Jets has recently restructured their membership program to launch a new jet card. Named Elevate, the program is designed with complete flexibility and customer satisfaction in mind. And to prove their goal of pleasing customers, Magellan is offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If the program doesn’t suit you, you can receive a refund of all remaining funds within 30 days of your first flight.

Elevate Membership includes a number of other special features, including:

  • No peak day surcharges
  • No black out days
  • A minimum required flight time of just one hour for some aircraft.

According to Magellan, these benefits will “allow you to travel on high-volume days… without accruing additional costs.”

Private Jet

Elevate members will have a range of options and price points for their membership. This means members can customize their membership to the size and type of aircraft that best suits their needs. A standard light jet membership costs $5,250.30 per hour, whereas membership with the Phenom 300, the best-selling business jet for six years in a row, is $7,199.28. For those needing something larger, a Citation X is $8,971.95 per hour while a Gulfstream 450 is $13,499.85 per hour. Another membership option is the Sikorsky helicopter, ideal for those who need to move quickly around the northeastern states while avoiding city traffic. The full list of aircraft options is shown below. Rates are all-inclusive with no hidden fees appearing at a later date.

As a member of Elevate, travelers can use any aircraft in the program any day of the year, with no black out dates or surcharges for peak travel. On standard light and standard midsize aircraft, and on the Hawker 400XP or 800XP, there is a minimum flight time of just one hour. (Note that this one hour minimum does not apply to larger category aircraft or to the Phenom 300). And if a trip requires a different level of aircraft, that can easily be arranged by converting the price to a member’s level of membership hours. For example, if someone with a standard light membership wants to use a heavy jet, Magellan calculates the cost within that higher category based on flight time and type of jet. That cost is then converted to the equivalent cost in light jet membership. There is no additional cost for switching between categories as Magellan has now removed the previous 5% surcharge.

Members will have access to a Flight Support team at any time, day or night, as well as to a private aviation consultant who ensures that travel plans can be arranged without any difficulty. Furthermore, Magellan works to guarantee members’ privacy, offering complete anonymity.

The full list of specific aircraft and their all-inclusive hourly jet card rates in the Elevate program is:

    Gulfstream 450 $13,499.85
    Gulfstream IV/IV-SP $12,500.10
    Falcon 2000 $11,199.35
    Challenger 300/G200 $9,985.68
    Citation X/Sovereign $8,971.95
    Hawker 800XP $7,750.75
    Phenom 300 $7,199.28
    Hawker 400XP $5,789.95
    Sikorsky $13,799.00


    Standard Mid Jet $6,993.95
    Standard Light Jet $5,250.30

Editorial Update June 2020: Magellan Jets now refers to its main Jet Card program as "Jet Card Ownership" and only offers this on specific aircraft models, so no longer offers the standard light and mid jet cards. It also offers two levels of membership which provide access to light, mid, super-mid and heavy jets on a pay as you fly basis.