Sentient Jet recently reported that it grew revenue 17 percent to $178 million in 2014. Sales at the jet card provider increased 25 percent to $214 million year-over-year.

With more than 4,000 active cardholders, Sentient Jet says it is the world's largest independent Jet Card provider. In 2014 the company sold over 37,000 hours, which is the equivalent of nearly 1,500 25-hour jet cards.

The Company recorded a 10 percent increase in corporate travel, defined as Monday through Thursday travel, and a 12 percent growth rate in leisure travel, defined as Friday through Sunday travel.

"2014 has been an outstanding, record-setting year of financial performance, and we are very proud about these latest results," said Andrew Collins, President of Sentient Jet. "We have not only witnessed a continued resurgence in the private jet industry, but these results are testimony to the popularity and success of our jet card approach to flying privately. We look forward to 2015 as Sentient continues its commitment to the highest safety standards, while offering its customers unmatched flexible and sensible private aviation offerings."

Sentient Jet offers its 25-hour jet card in four jet size options, allowing clients to purchase flight time on Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Heavy aircraft as well as in two age classes (Preferred and Select), starting at $124,825 inclusive of fuel surcharge and FET.

Sentient is currently offering a spa promotion for all new jet card buyers. When purchasing a 25-hour jet card, buyers will receive an exclusive travel and spa package valued at over $10,000.

The package includes a choice of a complimentary $2,500 gift card to one of the following warm weather retreats: Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic, Montage Laguna Beach in Laguna Beach, CA, Sea Island Resort in Sea Island, GA. In addition, the cardholder will be able to indulge in a His & Hers relaxation retreat for the body, mind and spirit with a $2,500 spa credit. And will also enjoy a $2,500 Lululemon gift certificate to refresh their fitness wardrobe with the latest spring style and a $2,500 Sentient flight credit added to their jet card account.

Jet card providers frequently have special promotion offers with their cards, so it's well worth asking about any promotions if you are looking to buy a new jet card.