For those looking to give the gift of time and convenience, several private jet companies are offering exclusive holiday deals on their jet cards, which are available for a limited time. Here are some of the available offers.

Magellan Jets is offering a 10-hour Hawker 400 XP card for $43,500, a Limited Edition 10 Hour G550 Card for $175,000 or stocking-stuffer gift cards, valued at $10,000, for only $7,770. These are valid for new clients or clients who have not flown in one year, and are limited to two per passenger. Surcharges and tax are excluded and a peak travel day surcharge may also apply. There are other terms and restrictions - contact Magellan for full details.

From now until December 31, 2013, Sentient is offering a 20-hour Jet Card (a reduction from the usual minimum of 25-hours). The recipient will receive locked-in hourly and fuel rates for 12 months, 20 hours of flight time on your choice of jet size and age class, and discounts on qualifying round-trip travel and trips over three hours. Individual sales staff may also have special promotions, such as 15 hours cards or lower (e.g., $50,000) initial deposits.

Flight Options is offering a 10-hour jet card for $44,000, which provides access to its own fleet of Hawker 400 XPs on 342 days of the year. There are restrictions on travel on the other holiday and peak days, and the rates exclude fuel surcharge and Federal Excise Tax.

Flexjet is offering some deals for new and existing owners. Those who purchase a 1/16th share in a Learjet 40 XR, Learjet 45 XR or Learjet 60 XR will be able to upgrade 25 of their annual allocated hours to a Challenger 300 aircraft at their contracted rate for the Learjet aircraft. They will also be offering a 60 for 50 offer where new and exisiting owners will receive 10 additional hours for each 1/16th share (50 hours) purchased, per year in the aircraft type purchased or leased.

Whenever you buy a new jet card or fraction it's well worth asking if there are any special offers. For instance, we've frequently seen companies adding one or two hours to a 25 hour jet card deal.