One of the largest private aviation providers, flyExclusive, has expanded the features in both its Jet Club and fractional program. These will allow members to benefit from increased savings and flexibility. The changes include reduced peak days, reduced prices, discounted short-notice premiums and a $100,000 flight credit for new fractional members. The offers are available now through Labor Day, September 4, 2023, to all new and current members.

flyExclusive Background

flyExclusive is one of the largest private jet operators, with a fleet of 95 light to large cabin aircraft. The company typically buys used aircraft and then refurbishes them and currently has 82% of the fleet with newly refurbished interiors and paint.

Their jet card type product is called Jet Club, and has a unique structure with a daily rate and an hourly usage fee. Members pay a deposit of $100k, $200k or $400k, with higher deposits locking in improved benefits. For member flights in the last 6 months the company says 99.9% have been on fleet, with flyExclusive aircraft, pilots and in house maintenance. This is a very high percentage compared to other providers.

The company is launching a fractional program on the Citation CJ3+ light jet this year. This has no monthly fee, unlike most fractional programs, but instead mirrors the daily and hourly fees in the Jet Club program.

The company is planning to go public this year through a SPAC deal.

Jet Club “Summer Fun 2023”

The changes to the Jet Club program, which flyExclusive is calling “Summer Fun 2023”, include:

Reduced High-Demand and Peak Days: there are now 35 days down from 45 total. Members pay a premium daily rate on these days and this premium is also reduced. flyExclusive says this would give example savings of 21% on a 1.5-hour Peak Day light jet flight on the $100K program.

Short-notice premiums reduced by as much as 50%: The regular notice period for flights is 96 hours. For flight requests in less than 96 hours, members pay a premium. flyExclusive says the reduced premiums mean members could see savings as much as 50% on trips with 24-hours notice.

10%-off on 139 “Deal Days”: Members can fly for 10% less than their normal price on the majority of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

5%-off on “Flexible Schedule Days”: On days when members can be flexible with their timing, they can save a 5% discount from their normal price. The members select the day they want to travel and the day prior to travel, flyExclusive sets the time of departure between 8 am and 8 pm. This flexibility allows flyExclusive to better optimize the use of its fleet and so pass the savings on to members.

Reduced, fixed and capped pricing: The revised Jet Club has reduced pricing (light jets -2%, mid jets -2%, super-mid -12%) and fixed prices for 12 months, eliminating fuel variability and surcharges. And, for cross-country flights in a super-mid jet the usage charge is capped at 4.5 hours meaning savings up to 31%.

Current members may take advantage of this new program with additional funding of $100k or more.

Additional Fractional Member Enhancements

In the new CJ3+ fractional program, flyExclusive is offering of up to $100,000 of free flight credit. It has also expanded the service area with the first hour waived on international flights and a low fixed fee beyond.

“We’re constantly evaluating our Jet Club and fractional program to ensure we’re addressing the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations,” said Brad Blettner, Chief Revenue Officer of flyExclusive. “Our latest promotion was designed to give our customers more control over every aspect of their experience - from when they fly to how much they pay. As we enter the busy summer travel season, we’re thrilled to be raising the bar on what a luxury private jet experience can be.”