Fleet Size
 Number Aircraft 100+
 Light Jets Nextant 400XT
Phenom 300
 Midsize Jets  
 Super Midsize Jets Citation X
 Large Jets Legacy 600
 Charter No
 Cards Yes
 Membership/Lease Yes
 Fractions Yes
 Aircraft Management Yes



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Founded in October 1998, Flight Options offered the industry's first pre-owned fractional business model. Today, as a full service aviation company, Flight Options offers fractional ownership, jet membership, JetPASS jet card access and aircraft management services to more than 1,300 owners and members.

Flight Options is led by Chairman and Founder Kenn Ricci, Chief Executive Officer Mike Silvestro and Chief Financial Officer Mike Rossi. All three were involved in the early development of Flight Options and, after other pursuits, reunited to lead the company.

Flight Options pilots are seasoned veterans with an average tenure of 10 years, an average age of 46 years and 10,000 hours average time in the cockpit. Each Flight Options flight is flown by two Captain-qualified crewmembers. Both pilots are type-rated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in their aircraft with Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) classification. Since the company was founded, these pilots have logged over 1.5 million hours of flight time with over 964,000 legs flown.

The company's Primary Service Area (PSA) provides access anywhere within the continental United States and the surrounding area of up to 225 statute miles thereof. This extends to the tropic of Cancer, Cabo San Lucas and the Bahamas. The Extended Service Area covers Bermuda, virtually all islands in the Caribbean and the remaining areas of Mexico not included in the PSA.

For fractional owners, when the mission calls for a different cabin size than the owners aircraft, they have the ability to utilize the Flight Options' Aircraft Interchange Program to migrate up or down the product line depending on their travel requirements. They can basically choose an aircraft cabin size that suits their needs.

Flight Options was the first fractional jet operator to receive the ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating, and the only provider to have received the rating for 12 consecutive years.

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