ARGUS, the leading audit organization for aircraft operators around the world, has recently re-awarded its Platinum Rating, the highest level of safety ratings, to private aviation company Flight Options. This means Flight Options has now held this award for 12 consecutive years.

Mike Silvestro"We are honored that Flight Options is the first and only fractional provider to receive the ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating six consecutive times," said Michael J. Silvestro, Flight Options Chief Executive Officer. "Coming on top of a third consecutive year of sales and operating gains, including a 53 percent increase in new fractional owners, this rating is the icing on the cake for us. "

The audit covers 12 areas of operations and 12 areas in maintenance including compliance and record keeping. "The ARGUS people come in and challenge you" noted Michael. "We are very focused on safety procedures and this permeates the culture of FlightOptions. We gather a lot of data across all out operations including from our pilots and use this data proactively. We've been doing this for years." he continued.

Flight Options was the first fractional company to gain this award in 2002 and has gained this award in each biennial audit since then. This year it is one of only two fractional providers to receive the rating. Out of the larger universe of approximately 2,159 Part 135 operators, which include commuter, charter and on-demand aviation companies, fewer than 5 percent currently hold the ARG/US Platinum rating.

"Only companies which meet or exceed the established ARGUS standards for equipment, maintenance and crew experience can achieve a Platinum rating for safety," said Joe Moeggenberg, president and chief executive officer of ARGUS. "Flight Options has demonstrated an unmatched commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of aviation operations, maintenance and safety, and we applaud their efforts."ARGUS Platinum Award

Flight Options pilots, who are among the industry's leaders with an average of 25 years of flying experience, also are able to withdraw from duty without penalty for any reason if they feel unsafe or unfit to fly.

Flight Options, like several of the other major operators, has seen a recovery over the last few years, with for instance a 53% increase in new fractional owners from Jan 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011. "The ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating affirms our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety, just as we provide excellence in value, comfort and convenience," said Michael in a closing note.