Executive Jet Management is the second largest jet charter operator in the U.S. In this article, SherpaReport looks at the company’s history, the services offered and recent changes.

Company Overview

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Executive Jet Management (EJM) began operations in 1977. Over the past 45 years, they have built a solid reputation as an industry leader in aircraft management and private jet charters. As a NetJets business and part of the Berkshire Hathaway family, they are in good company. A company spokesperson says, “EJM earned its reputation by delivering on an ironclad business model centered on continuous improvement and a zealous commitment to exceeding expectations, both client-based and regulatory alike, at every turn.”

Executive Jet Management manages more than 250 aircraft in over 100 U.S. locations. Of these, roughly half are made available for retail charters. Although part of the NetJets family, EJM is a separate wholly owned subsidiary and operates all flights under its own operating certificate.

Recent figures show that in 2021 EJM completed more than 41,500 flights, a total of 74,600 flight hours and 86,000 total passengers. Their customers have access to more than 50 types of aircraft and 1,400 airports around the world. Furthermore, they pride themselves on their highly experienced flight crews. The average EJM pilot has more than 20 years of flight experience and over 9,000 flight hours.


Recent Changes in the Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a boom in the private aviation market as both leisure and business travelers have sought alternatives to commercial flights. EJM says that the demand for flights has continued to surge over the past year. They have noticed a particularly large demand for leisure travel destinations. At the same time, business travel “continues to steadily increase as well, especially with all the changes to airline route networks over the past two years.”

Much of the increased demand has been for domestic travel. As with commercial airlines, international flights have been more heavily restricted because of the pandemic. However, EJM says they are “optimistic that the global travels will be able to continue to safely increase as restrictions are lifted worldwide.”

Aircraft Management Services

Executive Jet Management oversees the day-to-day management of more than 250 aircraft. This allows aircraft owners to “take advantage of the countless benefits of aircraft ownership without the stress of being in the aviation business.”

Brian Hirsh, President of Executive Jet Management, says, “With EJM, aircraft owners enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing every last detail of caring for their private jet is in the best hands possible.”

EJM’s aircraft management program includes:

  • overseeing all aspects of crew management
  • ensuring regulatory compliance
  • coordinating flight planning, ground transport, dispatch, and maintenance
  • protecting the client’s privacy.

The company’s partnership with NetJets allows for significant savings (up to 60% says EJM) on crew training and fuel, which gives them an advantage over many of their competitors. In addition, they offer a carbon offset program. For those owners interested in monetizing their aircraft while not using it, EJM offers charter services to help offset the costs of ownership - most aircraft management companies offer this sort of service.

For anyone choosing a management company, especially for a first-time jet owner, EJM says that they recognize it can be a confusing decision. EJM encourages owners to do as much research as they can before choosing an aircraft management company, making sure that they understand all available options and the different benefits offered. An EJM spokesperson says, “In general, the larger the management company, the more experience and the greater their ability to generate discounts for aircraft owners in areas such as fuel, pilot training, and aircraft insurance, as well as the ability to optionally provide consistent supplemental charter revenue.”

Aircraft Charter Services

Executive Jet Management’s charter services team is available 24/7 to help customers find the right aircraft for their needs. They can provide guaranteed global access to more than 800 aircraft, including those which they manage for owners. Aircraft available for charter range from small cabin light jets (up to 4 hours flight time) to large cabin heavy jets capable of international travel. Booking involves contacting one of their flight experts, receiving a flight confirmation, and then customizing any additional needs, be it inflight catering or ground transportation. The number of requests for charter services, as previously mentioned, has rapidly expanded since the pandemic. ARGUS figures show that charter flight hours with EJM leaped from 37,348 in 2020 to 62,681 in 2021. That surge is expected to continue.

Frequent charter travelers may be interested in EJM’s Ascend program - a jet card type program with fixed hourly rates. Members make a minimum deposit of $100,000. From this, all travel fees are deducted at a flat rate based on aircraft cabin size. Members may add funds to their account at any time. Ascend members enjoy guaranteed availability for 315 days of the year and an easy booking process.

When choosing a charter service, EJM once again emphasizes the importance of doing as much research as possible. Flying privately is very different from flying on a commercial airline and so ask as many questions as needed before committing. EJM notes that aviation is a highly regulated industry and therefore “every operator should be forthcoming about their air carrier credentials, pilot qualifications, and accreditations.” At the very minimum, customers should know who is operating the aircraft, what their qualifications are, and whether they meet proper FAA compliance. If a broker or charter company is not willing to share this information, walk away.