Earlier this year saw the launch of the Sky Access Program from Delta Private Jets. More recently, the program has been enhanced with new booking software. Members in the program have access to free empty-leg flights, giving last-minute access to one-way travel, and can also book fixed price private jet charters. The Northern Kentucky based company says it will “make luxury travel affordable.”

Membership Costs

Anyone wishing to join the Sky Access Program will pay a first-year membership of $8,500. After that, the annual fee is $6,000 (although this may be subject to future changes). Under the terms of the program, members will have unlimited access to empty-leg journeys with no per-leg cost.

Delta Private Jets Sky Access Program

Empty Legs

Travel on empty-leg flights may be booked from 24 hours before departure to as little as four hours before departure. “Just one empty leg’s value could be greater than the cost of a full Sky Access membership,” said Gary Hammes, President of Delta Private Jets.

Booking is straightforward and members can travel anywhere in the US on the fleet of more than 70 Wi-fi equipped twin-engine jets. Furthermore, passengers have exclusive use of the entire aircraft on the empty legs; they are not sharing with other travelers. Delta Private Jets will arrange catering, ground transportation, and any other required services at the time of booking, for an additional fee.

Fixed Price Charter

Sky Access members also have access to the private fleet at fixed hourly rates. These start at $5,995 per hour for a light jet and ranges up to $14,400 per hour for the use of a large jet, such as a Challenger 604 or Gulfstream V. These rates include fuel, taxes, and international fees, although there is a premium of 10% for any international flight. As an extra benefit, Sky Access members also qualify for a 20% discount off select, published Delta Airlines commercial flights.

In May, 2018, Delta Private Jets announced the arrival of their AmpliFLY technology to make the booking process even easier. Members can now choose up to 10 airports as their preferred travel bases. When empty leg flights are available to or from these destinations, they will receive a mobile notification, allowing them instant access to great deals. They also receive notifications of alternate routes to existing bookings, in case a more convenient flight option arises.

Gary Hammes, noted, "These new enhancements are a direct result of listening to feedback from our customers and giving them what they want and need in a timely manner, and our affiliation with Delta Air Lines makes us uniquely qualified to offer these services to our customers."

Delta Private Jets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines. In addition to the Sky Access Program, the company offers private charter services, aircraft management, and the Delta Private Jets Card.