Now in its second year, Magellan Jets is offering a 10 hour jet card to help children and parents visit college campuses. In addition to the aircraft, Magellan will coordinate all aspects of the trip. The pricing starts at $43,500.

Just like any other private jet travel, part of the benefit is to get you closer to your destination, so that you can fit in multiple stops on one trip. "Many commercial airlines don't have direct flights into airports near the universities, making it difficult to see multiple colleges in one day," explains Anthony Tivnan President of Magellan. "Fly privately and you can visit as many as five or six colleges in the space of two or three days."

Magellan told us eighteen people bought the package in 2014, and the company expects about 50 buyers this year.
"We take care of everything," said Anthony Tivnan "Dozens of families are taking advantage of the convenience by visiting colleges this way."

The Magellan college jet card package includes:

  • Let Magellan know the college (or colleges) you'd like to visit and their flight support team will help with the logistics.
  • Magellan will organize a seamless itinerary based on your schools and tour dates.
  • They will arrange all pick up and drop off car services.
  • They will provide college notepads to keep track of likes and dislikes from each campus.
  • Receive a college admissions reference guide from the college admissions experts at Top Tier Admissions

The reference guide from Mimi Doe and Michele Hernandez from Top Tier contains useful tips, and advice on what to do before, during, and after every campus tour. The Top Tier team have worked with over 3,000 students from more than 18 countries over the past twenty years.Magellan Notre Dame

Joshua Hebert, CEO of Magellan said that although this is only the second year that his company has formally offered this product, they have had customers asking for help on their college tours for several years. If 10 hours isn't enough to cover the whole trip, customers can simply purchase more hours.

Example trips have included everything from a day trip to Stanford University from New York. A trip by a family that visited Syracuse, Northwestern, and Duke universities all on the same day. Or an eight college, 9 day cross country tour for the family of a California financier.

Once the prospective student chooses a school, Magellan sends them a gift basket filled with items from their selected institution.