In their most recent, Q3 Survey, JetNetIQ found that private jet passengers and customers were most concerned about COVID related items including cleaning the planes between flights. This topped more traditional concerns such as pricing and cost per hour.

At the Virtual Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (VBACE) last week, Rollie Vincent creator of JETNET iQ presented the results of their Q3 survey. “If you’re operating a charter or fractional program, or even a private flight type 91 operation in the US, cleaning procedures between flights is the number one concern” said Rollie.

JetNet had asked the question for passengers and customers “What are some of the concerns people are having?”. The answers came back that “Cleaning procedures between flights” received 22.3% of the weighted responses, compared to “Cost of the flight” which was second with 21.5% of the responses.

Other COVID related concerns also appeared on the list including “Air circulation in the cabin” at 12.1%, “Maintaining 6’ social distancing” at 7.7% and “Crew health screening” at 7.4%. Overall COVID related responses made up about 50% of the votes.

“That variable would not have been on the screen a year ago” said Rollie referring to the cleaning response. But then added “The cost of the flight is still a very fundamental concern, nothing changes.”

The full responses to the concerns questions are shown in the slide below.

passenger concerns cleaning

The major providers and operators started to add new health protocols early in the pandemic and have seen the number of private flights bounce back from a low in April. Many providers have seen a lot of new customers as people are attracted to the safety and other reasons to fly privately.