CitationAir recently announced that it had added six Citation Xs to the company fleet, calling the aircraft, " the fastest, most time-efficient business jet in production."

Cessna Citation X

Featuring Rolls Royce engines, the eight-passenger Citation X can travel at a maximum speed of 604 miles per hour, reaching Mach .92. With a maximum range of roughly 3,532 miles, the jet can make the journey between Los Angeles and New York City in a little over four hours, cutting more than an hour off the time it takes most other planes to make the same trip.

The aircraft also offers room and comfort. The main cabin is nearly 24 feet long, 68 inches tall and 66 inches wide, so there's plenty of room to stretch out. Plus the heated, pressurized, 82 cubic feet of baggage space means there's room to bring everything you need.

The Citation X doesn't feature "just" a lavatory – instead, passengers enjoy a private dressing room complete with a washbasin, wide counter top, and a closet large enough to hang a full size garment bag.

In announcing the Citation X order, President and CEO of CitationAir Steve O'Neill said, "We understand that time is of the utmost value to our business travelers, and the Citation X allows us to get our customers from point A to point B in significantly less time than is possible with other business aircraft models." O'Neill continued "These new aircraft bring our company important new capabilities that enhance the services we provide to our business clientèle and enable us to continue meeting our customers' needs."

CitationAir offers the Citation X through its Jet Card, Jet Access, Corporate Solutions and Jet Management programs. These 6 new aircraft are being added to the company's fleet of 81 aircraft.

The Citation X was first announced in 1990, with the first production rollout in 1994. Cessna's first Citation X purchaser was golfer Arnold Palmer in 1996. In 2005, the company celebrated the 250th delivery of this aircraft and in August, 2007, the Citation X fleet marked one million flight hours.

Both NetJets and FlightOptions also offer the Citation X as part of their series of programs.

Editors Note: since this article was written in 2011, CitationAir have closed their operations and programs. Please see the more recent articles about current programs and operators, by starting with the main navigation above or at the home page of the site.