The North American provider of fractional shares in the Piaggio Avanti P.180 aircraft is now offering a new 15-hour "Edge Card".

Avantair P.180
Avantair P.180

The card price is an all inclusive one-time cost of $72,500 with a term of twelve months. Avantair operates an Expanded Primary Service Area, which includes the continental United States, locations 200 miles into Canada and select airports in Mexico and the Bahamas, in which card members can fly. Rollover options are also available for unused hours, which are 100% refundable. In addition to the 15-hour card, the company introduced a 25-hour card in 2007, which is currently priced at $115,000.

The Company is currently offering end-of-the-year specials on charter cards. If a 15-hour charter card is purchased prior to December 31st, the purchaser receives one bonus hour. If a 25-hour card is purchased, two bonus hours are added to the purchaser's account.

"Avantair sold a record number of charter cards this October, typically a seasonally slow month. This performance highlights growing consumer demand for the Piaggio Avanti P. 180," stated Matthew Doyle, Avantair's Senior Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "In an effort to expose even more consumers to our exceptional aircraft, we are very pleased to add this new 15-hour charter card at an unmatched price in the fractional industry, as yet another example of the value inherent in the Avantair fractional program."

Avantair (OTCBB:AAIR) currently manages a fleet of 50 aircraft, with another 59 Piaggio Avanti IIs on order through 2013. Cruising at jet speeds over 450 mph, the P.180 travels faster and quieter than most light class aircraft, yet has a fraction of the fuel consumption and lower overall costs. In addition to the charter cards the company sells fractional aircraft ownership starting at 50 hours (1/16) per year.

(EDITORS UPDATE: Avantair filed for bankruptcy in 2013)

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