Fractional and jet card provider Airshare has just ordered up to 20 Challenger 3500 super-midsize jets. These aircraft will double the operators Challenger fleet.

Airshare first placed an order for Challenger 350 aircraft back in May 2021, and has been adding these aircraft to its fractional fleet. The Challenger 3500 is the successor to the 350, and was just rolled out in 2022.

Airshare Challenger

The company says it has experienced heavy demand for the Challenger platform among fractional customers, with the aircraft fulfilling their need to travel coast-to-coast while enjoying best-in-class comfort. Prior to adding the Challengers, Airshare was focused on smaller light jets, and had a more focused primary operating area in the center of the US. The Challengers have expanded this area and are also used for international trips and trips out to Hawaii.

“The response we have received to the Challenger entering our fractional program has been tremendous, from both new and existing customers,” said John Owen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Airshare. “We are thrilled to extend our commitment with Bombardier and look forward to adding several more Challenger 3500s to our fleet. The strength of our partnership made it easy for us to accelerate our plans to order more of these aircraft to meet customer demand.”

“The entire team is immensely proud that Airshare continues to trust Bombardier to grow its fleet,” said Eric Martel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier. “Airshare and Bombardier share several values in common: we strive for excellence and work tirelessly to offer an exceptional experience to our clients. With this new order, our valued relationship continues to grow stronger, as the award-winning Challenger 3500 aircraft keeps elevating Airshare’s flight experience with its ultimate combination of performance and comfort.”

Challenger 3500

Built on the iconic Challenger super mid-size platform, the Challenger 3500 aircraft is the latest addition to Bombardier’s portfolio. It offers a range of up to 3,400 nm (6,297km), 200 more that the Challenger 350, and has seating for 9 passengers and 106 cu ft of baggage space. The cabin altitude is just 4,850 ft while flying at 41,000 ft, representing a 31% improvement compared to its predecessor.

It is the first business jet in the super mid-size segment to have an Environmental Product Declaration published, documenting the aircraft’s environmental footprint over its lifecycle.

The Challenger aircraft family is known for its industry-leading reliability and safety. With over 900 business jets of the Challenger 300 series in service worldwide, the Challenger 3500 aircraft builds on the excellent track record of the Challenger family and boasts an impressive 99.8% dispatch reliability.

Airshare Programs

Airshare’s fractional jet program provides each owner of a 1/16th share with 20 days and unlimited flight time (based on a customer’s allocation of days with a maximum 14-hour crew duty day). When Airshare shareowners begin and end in the same location, while keeping the aircraft and crew with them when they need it, they save up to 25 per cent off their hourly rate. Having the pilots and aircraft stay with shareowners as they travel provides the ultimate in flexibility as they are able to visit multiple locations and adjust their schedules at a moment’s notice. Airshare also offers its own jet card program, EMBARK, as well as aircraft management, on-demand charter and maintenance services.

Editorial update: Airshare has also signed an LOI to acquire Wheels Up's aircraft management business.