One of the common questions when it comes to air travel is, "How much can I bring?" Whether traveling on a commercial airline or via private jet, there is always a limit to the amount of space and the weight. With many people wanting to bring some of their toys along with them, such as golf clubs or skis, space can be a big concern.

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For comparison purposes, it's easiest to put luggage space in terms of some different vehicles. For instance the large Chevrolet Suburban SUV has 46 cubic feet with all of the seats up, 90 cubic feet with one row down and 137 cubic feet with two rows down. A Lexus RX 350 SUV has approximately 40 cubic feet behind the rear seats, while a typical saloon car has about 15 to 20 cubic feet. You can see below how these compare to the luggage space available in different aircraft.

Determining luggage space

With private jets, as a general rule, as the planes get larger and can fly further, they also have more space for luggage. Access to the luggage space depends on the type of plane. It might be from within the main cabin, through the outside of the aircraft, or a combination of both. If a passenger has personal items they'd like to access during the flight, it just requires a little planning ahead to keep them in the storage space accesible through the cabin.

Luggage space can also be affected by the number of passengers on the flight. As the range of the aircraft is directly affected by the plane's overall weight, it's important for the pilot to know exactly what the aircraft will be carrying.

Phenom 300 Baggage

Luggage space comparisons among different private jets

To get an idea of the space available on a variety of private jets, consider the following:

  • A large Gulfstream G550 has 226 cubic feet or about 1 ½ times the capacity of a Chevy Suburban with all of the seats down.
  • A mid-size Cessna Citation Sovereign has 100 cubic feet – a little more than the space you'd have in that same Suburban with one row down.
  • The Embraer Phenom 300 has 74 cubic feet, or enough room for two sets of golf clubs, two very large suitcases and three standard suitcases.
  • The Hawker 400XP has 46 cubic feet with a maximum range of about 1,400 miles. The same space you'd find in the Suburban with all of the seats up.
  • In the very light jet category, the Phenom 100 has a surprisingly large baggage capacity of up to 71 cubic feet if all of the baggage compartments are used – just a little less than the Suburban with a row of seats down.

If you have any special luggage requirements, be sure to ask your aviation provider about the different aircraft and space options. While there are no specific baggage restrictions for private aircraft, everything obviously has to fit on board. If the jet will be landing on a short runway, very heavy items could present a weight issue.

Discussing any potential issues, when it comes to items you plan to bring onboard a private jet, will allow the aviation provider to properly plan ahead and will also prevent possible disappointment on the day of your flight.