Use the tool below to find the main operating costs for any business aircraft, everything from pistons, helicopters, light jets to heavy jets. The report shows the costs split by :

  • Annual Fixed Costs
  • Annual Variable Costs

The report will also show a breakdown into hourly operating costs, based on the annual hours of usage that you define, so that you get a good feel for the marginal cost of each hour.

You can also add in a purchase price for the plane and even a loan, for a potential purchase, and the report will run the annual depreciation schedules. Try it out here:



The results are powered by Aircraft Cost Calculator, and show most of the numbers. The full set of results is available for purchase for just $35 for a one off report, or if you subscribe you can run side by side comparisons of different aircraft. Full usage also lets you put in potential charter hours, so that you could model the effects of chartering out your aircraft, at various numbers of hours each year.

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