As COVID-19 travel restrictions begin to ease worldwide, private aviation provider Air Partner announced last week that it has seen a marked increase in bookings. According to the Fort Lauderdale-based company, requests for future flights booked during May 2020 showed a surge of 210% compared to flight requests in the same time period last year.

onboard private jet

This increase reflects widespread concern about the safety of commercial aircraft in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Rather than deal with a crowded flight and unknown risks, those who can are choosing private aviation for its high levels of health and safety protocols and attention to detail. Many of the recent bookings made with Air Partner are for travel from June through August, ranging from corporations seeking travel alternatives for essential business to individuals planning a summer escape. With many commercial airlines cutting flights, private aviation allows passengers to travel directly to their destination without the need for multiple transfers. And Air Partner officials say they expect this trend toward private aviation to continue.

“We’re dedicated to delivering a memorable and safe private aviation experience for our clients. With the world facing unprecedented challenges today, we know our clients truly appreciate the added levels of assurance and operational excellence we’re able to provide for their flights,” says David McCown, president of Air Partner U.S. “We expect that as the travel industry rebounds, private aviation will be extremely busy, including an influx of those who have never flown privately before due to the enhanced safeguarding measures in place. As that time comes, travelers can rest assured that they’re in safe and experienced hands with Air Partner.”

Air Partner teams travelers with an account manager whose role is to coordinate all aspects of the flight, from lift off to touch down. Since the company’s team has up-to-date knowledge of all regulations and changes regarding COVID-19, they can ensure a commitment to safety, alerting passengers to any new risks that may affect their travel plans.

One example of the company’s ability to provide a high-quality travel experience while observing the pandemic’s new logistical challenges is a recent flight to transport ship crew to Italy. A paramedic took temperature scans of all passengers and flight crew before take-off. Once on-board, seating arrangements allowed for social distancing. Meanwhile, at their destination airport, the passengers could bypass the main arrivals terminal, proceeding directly to their ship. The journey was completed with minimal risk of exposure.

Air Partner offers a range of membership options, including a jet card and a corporate shuttle program, in addition to on demand charters.