Private aviation company Air Partner has seen a 56.8% increase in JetCard bookings globally from 1 February to 30 June compared to the same period last year. The number of new members is also up 36.8% year-on-year, while customer deposits are up 85.2%.

This growth has been driven by a strong performance in the USA, which has seen a 152.9% year-on-year increase in bookings and 225.0% increase in new JetCard members. The value of JetCard customer deposits in the USA is also up 112.8% year-on-year.

Momentum is starting to build in the UK private jets business, with activity now back at pre-COVID levels, and this is expected to continue as the vaccine roll-out drives the return of business and leisure travel. JetCard bookings are up 6.3% and customer deposits are up 82.4% year-on-year, despite the wider downward market trend.

Air Partner has seen demand recover faster for its fixed hourly rate JetCard product than for ad-hoc charter flights.

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"It is extremely encouraging to see such strong growth in our Private Jets business, particularly in the US, and the growing popularity of our JetCard product among both new and existing customers globally,” said Mark Briffa, Group CEO of Air Partner plc. “In this environment, customers especially value the flexibility offered by our JetCard in case they need to change their flight plans, as well as the security of knowing a flight will be available to them should they need one at short notice," he continued.

David McCown, President of Air Partner Americas, added: “We are very pleased to see sustained demand from high-net-worth individuals in the US, who have come to rely on our JetCard product for their flying needs throughout the pandemic. We have seen strong growth in deposits and bookings from both new and existing customers, and we expect to see the momentum continue.”

Some of this growth is starting to come from the new JetCard First Flight program, a type of trial account for jet card customers. “Since we launched First Flight in June, we’ve received positive feedback from prospects about the program and it has already resulted in card sales,” Jeanne Muzio, Senior Vice President of Sales of Air Partner told SherpaReport.

“Card holders from last year and this year are still looking for destinations that offer ample space. Also, travel to second homes or private residences has been the trend for 1.5 years and is still very popular,” continued Jeanne.