cessna citation sovereign


 Cessna Citation Sovereign
 Passengers 8 - 12
 Range (sm) 3,276sm
 High Speed 527mph 848kph
 Cabin Length 25.20ft 7.7m
 Cabin Height 5.70ft 1.73m
 Cabin Width 5.50ft 1.68m
 Baggage Volume 100ft3 2.83m3

This mid-size business jet first entered production in 2004 and about 300 of these planes have now entered service. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines and costs around $17.5m.

Its claim to fame is that it can take off and land in short distances and yet it has an impressive range that can take it coast-to-coast across the US. The available baggage space is the largest of comparable private jets and includes a closet large enough to hold full-sized garment bags.