Destination Clubs Guide

Imagine having access to multiple luxury homes around the world. Homes where you can treat your family and friends to one unique and unforgettable vacation after another. Destination clubs provide their members with exclusive access to a portfolio of luxury homes.

These luxurious residences can vary in value from under $1m to between $5m and $10m, and are located in prime mountain, beach, city and leisure locations throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe.

For their discerning members the clubs offer an alternative to buying a vacation home, or staying in rented villas or luxury hotels. The clubs also provide full travel and concierge services to ensure their members enjoy the most relaxing vacations.

As an independent publisher, we've spent hundreds of hours comparing the clubs, interviewing both members and prospective members, talking to club executives and doing a detailed review and analysis. The result is a free in-depth report, designed to help you see if a destination club makes sense for you and your family, or for your company. It provides significant insight and background to help you make this assessment, with details on over 20 clubs.

By reading the report you'll learn about:

* The characteristics of destination clubs
* What to consider when reviewing the clubs
* Comparisons to alternatives
* Membership costs
* Key questions to ask the clubs prior to joining
* Profiles of the leading clubs
"Thankyou. I really appreciate the work you did in putting this together"
C.B., Denver, Colorado

""The report was very informative and very helpful for somebody like me who's just starting to explore the subject""
B.F., Rome, Georgia

The report includes information on the following clubs: Exclusive, Ultimate, A&K, Equity Estates, M Private, Distinctive Holiday Homes and 14 other clubs

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