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VistaJet Launches Wellness Program

VistaJet, a global private aviation company, has partnered with leading brands in the wellbeing and longevity space to introduce the VistaJet Wellness program. This new offering aims to transform a private flight from a potentially tiring experience into an energizing...

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Destination Clubs

Reviewing Luxury Vacation Home Alternatives

For many people, owning a luxury vacation home in an exclusive location has long been an aspiration. However, the costs, maintenance, and the reality of limited usage have driven many individuals to explore alternative models. And these models have proliferated, to the extent that there are multiple options, each with...

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Fractional Jets

flyExclusive Adds First Fractional Jets and 100th Overall

Private aviation operator flyExclusive has taken delivery of its first three Citation CJ3+ jets which will go into its new fractional fleet. This brings the total fleet size to over 100 aircraft, comprised of mainly Cessna Citation jets.

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Jet Cards

Magellan Jets Introduces Business Focused Jet Card Program

Private aviation solutions provider Magellan Jets has launched a jet card program specifically aimed at corporate users and named Magellan Business. It offers hourly rate locks for up to three years, 10 hour callouts and a service guarantee, with a 100 hour minimum annual commitment.

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Whole Aircraft Ownership

Business Aircraft Resales. Market Easing. Fewer Transactions.

The latest data for the preowned business aircraft market shows inventory continues to offer increased choice for buyers while transaction activity trends back to historical norms.

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