Friday, April 18, 2014
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Compare Destination Clubs

Read the chart below to compare Destination Clubs. Many of the clubs offer multiple membership levels, including group/corporate levels, and the chart shows the range of their individual levels. Click on the clubs name to read their profiles and related news and research articles.
  Club  Home Value   Initial Fee Range   Annual Dues   Principal Area
  Quintess  $4.0m  $59,000 -
 $20,930 -
 N. America
  Inspirato  $3.5m  $17,500   $3,000 +  N. America

  Exclusive Resorts  $3.0m  $160,000 -
 $9,995 -
 N. America
  Equity Estates  $3.0m  $200,000 -
 $9,250 -
 N. America
  G2G Collection
 $2.5m  $15,000   $0   N. America
  Demeure Club  $2.0m+  $7,500
 N. America
  M Private Residences  $2.0m  $147,500 -
 $12,350 -
 N. America
  The TOUR Club  $2.0m  $200,000 -
 $39,000 -
 N. America
  Banyan Tree PC  $2.0m  $150,000  -
  $3,000 - 
  Private Trade Winds  $2.0m   -
  The Hideaways Club  $1.6m  $191,250 -
 $10,500 -
  Rocksure Property  $1.6m  $89,000 -
 $1,050 -
  Ritz-Carlton Club  $1.5m+  $100,000 -
 varies   N. America
  Lifestyle Assets  $1.2m  $75,000 -
 $7,500 -
 N. America
  Luxus Vacation Properties  $1.0m  $145,000 -
 $8,000   N. America

The related articles and research below have a lot of background information on all the aspects of destination clubs.

Another comparison of the clubs is to look at the effective cost per night for each club, and if you're seriously considering joining a club then download our free in-depth report "Destination Clubs - A Guide for Prospective Members".

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    Excellent - absolutely fantastic in every aspect! This was our first Rocksure Property visit. If they are all as exceptional as El Goute, we will be booking as often as we can. The food preparation...
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    We had an absolute blast. First, the villa was off the charts; it was perfect for us. Also, we did some really cool stuff. We took the kids to swim with dolphins and did a lot of snorkeling. The beaches...
  • The Prague Holiday List The Prague Holiday List
    We had a fantastic time in the Prague apartment. How about a list of great bits about our stay. In no particular order: The concierge - Karen who could not have been more helpful . She is a real advert...
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    In a word, the trip could not have been better. The hiking, rafting, horseback riding, rodeo, jeep tour, gondolas, ice caves, devil's punch bowl, farm tour, concerts, restaurants and shopping were all...
  • The Best Vacation in Cabo The Best Vacation in Cabo
    Our trip to Cabo was one of the best, if not THE best family vacation we have ever had. We have traveled extensively abroad and within the US, so this is quite a compliment. Once we had our dates set,...
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