Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Compare Destination Clubs

Read the chart below to compare Destination Clubs. Many of the clubs offer multiple membership levels, including group/corporate levels, and the chart shows the range of their individual levels. Click on the clubs name to read their profiles and related news and research articles.
  Club  Home
Fee Range 
  Quintess  $4.0m  $75,000 -
 $22,330 -
 N. America  Rental
  Inspirato  $3.5m  $17,500   $3,500 +  N. America

  Exclusive Resorts  $3.0m  $160,000 -
 $9,995 -
 N. America  Rental
  Equity Estates  $3.0m  $200,000 -
 $9,250 -
 N. America  Equity
  G2G Collection
 $2.5m  $15,000   $0   N. America  Rental
  M Private Residences  $2.0m  $147,500 -
 $12,350 -
 N. America  Equity
  Banyan Tree PC  $2.0m  $150,000  -
  $3,000 - 
 Asia  Equity
  Private Trade Winds  $2.0m   -
 N.America  Rental
  The Hideaways Club  $1.6m  $191,250 -
 $10,500 -
 Europe  Equity
  Rocksure Property  $1.6m  $83,000 -
 $1,600 -
 Global/Europe  Equity
  Ritz-Carlton Club  $1.5m+  $100,000 -
 varies   N. America  Equity
  Lifestyle Assets  $1.2m  $75,000 -
 $7,500 -
 N. America  Equity
  Luxus Vacation Properties  $1.0m  $145,000 -
 $8,000   N. America  Equity

The end column, "Type" refers to the business model that the clubs use. There are two basic types, either they have a rental model, in which members are renting the club homes. Or they have an equity model, in which the members also have an ownership interest in the homes.

The related articles and research below have a lot of background information on all the aspects of destination clubs.

Another comparison of the clubs is to look at the effective cost per night for each club, and if you're seriously considering joining a club then download our free in-depth report "Destination Clubs - A Guide for Prospective Members".

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Member Reviews

  • Relaxing at the pool in Portugal Relaxing at the pool in Portugal
    What a splendid two weeks we have all just had at Quinta das Oliveiras. It is superbly located with tremendous views and is a lovely comfortable villa. We had good weather and the pool was in almost constant...
  • Andalucia Home is Just Great Andalucia Home is Just Great
    Great house, Great location, Great food (Thank you Lenka), Great TV selection (I'm used to Freeview at home, so it's nice to have more than 40 Channels), Great Pool, Great View, Great ensuite, Great Games...
  • Badminton in Marrakech, Morocco Badminton in Marrakech, Morocco
    The new investment M Private Residences made in Rocksure completely opened our membership's doors to new destinations. A few months ago, I had...
  • 13 Go Mad in Breck 13 Go Mad in Breck
    It was a case of 13 go mad in Breck and Annie and Amy, the housekeeping staff, did a fantastic job coping with it. The house coped with the numbers very well, with all the children using the lower half...
  • Enjoying a Lazy Time on Phuket Enjoying a Lazy Time on Phuket
    We had the most fantastic holiday at Villa Arawan. We were very lucky with the weather and had lots of sunshine with the occasional downpour as to be expected in the rainy season. Jeaw and Joy (the...
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